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Social Sips in West Kowloon - WOOBAR's High-Voltage Hangout

Discover the pulse of W Hong Kong at WOOBAR, the ultimate social hub where cosmopolitan spirits soar and connections are made. This is where the city's trendsetters flock, where the skyline sets the stage for an electrifying symphony of connection, conversation, and celebration.

Right from the get-go, it's clear that WOOBAR is not your typical retreat. By day, it's a haven of high tea recount, where the traditional tiered tray is reimagined with an avant-garde twist that's quintessentially W. As the sun dips behind the urban horizon, watch the mood flip with a DJ's flick; WOOBAR becomes the pulsating heart of the city's night scene.

As the evening matures, so does the vibe. The tea-time murmurs crescendo into a symphony of nocturnal beats. The DJ, our musical alchemist, spins an eclectic playlist that infuses the air with a rhythm that makes the soul want to dance. The WOOBAR transitions seamlessly from laid-back luxe to a high-energy hotspot, embodying the W Hotel's commitment to vibrant living and unique experiences.

Under the canvas of the night sky, the party at WOOBAR is both a spectacle and a sanctuary Night after night, under a canopy of stars and city lights, WOOBAR is where stories unfold and memories are made. It's a haven for the glamorous, the place to be seen, the scene to be part of. Each day is an invitation to immerse yourself in the social scene of W Hong Kong—a place where every guest is both the audience and the show.

Join us at WOOBAR, where nights take flight. It's more than a party; it's an altitude-adjusting experience that will leave you starry-eyed and thirsty for more. At W Hong Kong, we don't just raise the bar—we lift it to new heights, one beat, one sip, one extraordinary moment at a time.

For enquiries: 852 3717 2889 /
Location: 6F, W Hong Kong

Operation hours are subject to change.

For enhanced safety, please refrain from wearing hotel slippers in the dining area.





Sunset Hours:

5:30PM - 8:00PM

Stylish. Spirited. Progressive. As the sun sets, enjoy free-flow selected drinks with a scrumptious snack platter by the picturesque Harborview.